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They say true beauty comes from within, and we couldn’t agree more. An unhealthy diet can cause damage to organs, metabolism and worst of all: your skin. Lucky for us, as much damage as the wrong food can do, the right food can have an immensely beneficial effect. Check out which foods to eat, and use on your skin to get the best glow: 

Fruit, I find you a-peeling 

Head to the supermarket and fill your basket with as many fruits as you can find. Not saying you should bankrupt yourself over it, but 2 to 3 pieces of fruit a day can make a huge difference. Why, you say? Fruits contain loads of vitamins and minerals needed to give your skin an amazing glow. 

Take pomegranate, for example, which can work wonders for your skin. It counters free radicals and increases blood flow. 

Want to double up on that fruit intake? Look no further. The Bf Hydration Body Serum is packed with fruit acids and Vitamin C. This was just the tip of the iceberg, we could go on and about all, that’s good about fruit. And hey, if you’re not in a healthy mood, throwing fruit in your cocktail is fine, too. *Sprints to supermarket.*  


Coconut oil from top to toe 

We’ll just admit it straight away: we’re addicted to coconut oil. The coconut hype isn’t anything new; it’s actually been around for years and has created fuss ever since. For good reasons. Coconut oil contains Vitamin E, essential amino acids, and lauric and caprylic acid. All beneficial for your skin! 

In need of some relaxation? If a massage is on the schedule, coconut oil is your partner in crime. The scent relaxes your senses and it’s easily absorbed into the skin. Just show this Raw Organic Coconut Oil as a silent hint to your intended masseur, and who knows what the evening will bring... 

Go nuts for nuts 

Tasty, nutritious, and convenient; nuts are always a good idea - especially walnuts, in this scenario. Walnuts are a natural source of fatty acids that your body can’t produce itself. They’re richer than most other nuts in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and they are a solid source of essential fats, vitamins E, C, zinc, protein, and selenium. 
All these minerals and vitamins are great for your skin. Plus, the mix of protein and selenium can stimulate hair growth. Thicker and more luscious locks - who doesn’t want that?. Oh, and if you want to give your hair even more of a boost just check out this Bio Energizers Conditioner by Haeckles - it contains that coveted selenium and omega 3.  Need we say more?

Go green (tea)

Your daily cup of green tea has more benefits than meets the eye. The catechins (nope, there is no simple word for that one) in green tea are known to have powerful antioxidant properties. Which not only protect your skin from sun damage and redness, it also enhances its elasticity and firmness, whilst keeping it optimally hydrated.
Green tea is also your go-to-guy when you want to give yourself a little wake-up call. Energize the skin beneath your eyes by putting your used green tea bags in the fridge. Let them cool and then place them underneath your eyes. You’ll look like you’ve had 10 hours of sleep in no time. Want that energy on the go? Use this Herbal Face Tonic by Ere Perez. It contains green tea extract and will give your skin that boost it needs - all day long.


An ‘A’ for Avocado

Not only great on toast; there’s a reason why avocado is frequently used within face masks. This superfruit deeply penetrates your skin cells and gives them a boost packed with vitamin A, D, E, and nutritious fats. Try making “an avocado a day” your mantra, and put it on your face, as well as in your daily diet. Rough night ahead? Say goodbye to the bags under your eyes with the Avo Eye Serum from Aster & Bay - even after the most epic clubbing session.

Let’s get to work - from the inside out. Here are some more amazing products. 

Glowing from the inside out 

Ylumi has created a 30-day glow treatment with vegan Hyaluronic acid that boosts natural collagen production, aids the hydration of the skin, and helps out your hair and nails. And, it has a name: Ylumi Beauty & Hyaluron capsules 30-day treatment. Don’t let your essential kit go without this lifesaver.


It’s all gonna be just fine - in 25 days

Feeling run down? Then the Ylumi Purify Sparkle 25 day treatment is the perfect supplement for you. Support your immune system, boost your metabolism and protect your cells from oxidative stress - all with one single product. 


Detox your way out 

Holding on to toxic: never a good idea. Giving your body a detox, on the other hand, is a great one. So, put this good fella on the top of your wishlist. It listens to the name Dr. Jackson Detox Tea.


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