Clean out your beauty case: it’s time to make the switch

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As you may have already noticed - we’re into clean beauty. But, what you might be wondering is why should you switch to it and how you can make that change. Well sit down, relax, and let us explain. First off, let’s recap what clean beauty is. Clean beauty is hard to define, but we like to interpret it as products that are non-toxic and include (mostly) natural ingredients.

OK, so why should I switch?

It’s actually quite simple; there are 2 main reasons to shake up your beauty regime:

It’s your body, so you better take care of it

No more harmful ingredients. Research done by Brown et al. concluded that the skin absorbs up to 64% of all contaminants. So whatever you put onto your body will most definitely help or hurt it, depending on its ingredients. Some ingredients still used in mainstream beauty products can cause hormonal imbalances and in some cases aid the growth of cancerous cells. How about no? P.s. completely new at this? Learn more about ingredients you DO NOT want in your beauty products here.

Planning to live on this planet a little while longer?

Clean beauty is a step towards a cleaner earth. Contributing to plastic pollution or thousands of microbeads in the sea; yeah, we’d rather not. Clean beauty brands don’t just focus on the use of sustainable and non-toxic ingredients. Most of them also use environmentally friendly packaging, meaning less plastic soup and more recyclable bottles, boxes, and containers. So, cancel that trip to mars with Elon Musk, the earth is getting its shit together! With a little help from you.

Sounds good! But isn’t it difficult to make such a big change?

It might seem like a daunting task, but don’t worry.

We get it - changing your entire beauty regime isn’t something that can happen overnight. You’ve probably spent years (maybe even a decade) finding the right products that perfectly suit your skin. Plus, replacing ALL of your cosmetics in one go is what we would call a big investment (aka an empty bank account). Bit drastic, and we wouldn’t want you to. So why not start of simple? Make a small change today by swapping out your three most used products. The moisturizer, makeup remover, and concealer you use every day? Those are the ones we’re talking about.

Give green a go, without compromising on quality!

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