Face rollers, studded rollers, and Gua Sha - Oh my!

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The roller trend hasn’t been around for that long - the jade roller stormed onto the scene due to a Vogue article in 2016 gaining more and more popularity in the course of the past 3 years. This awakened an interest in more facial massage tools such as the Gua Sha and studded rollers. 

An interest we shared - Leading to the launch of our very own Greenbeauty face rollers.

But before you start using our gorgeous rollers, we would like to give you a little more information. Where do they originate from and what benefits do these rollers bring to the table? We’ve taken a deep dive into the roller world and created this comprehensive little guide. Just for you. So - let’s get rolling (sorry, we couldn’t help it). 

Let’s start at the beginning - where does the roller hype originate from?
The use of rollers originates from China, and it all started with the jade roller. There are many accounts of jade rollers throughout Chinese history; the earliest sighting being during the Qing Dynasty. Empress Dowager Cixi’s (who had a thing for jade) was thought to have a beautiful jade roller set - spruced up with gold finishes. Yeah, there are worse ways to work on your skincare. The Jade roller, also known as Yushi gunlun, was used by the elite and upper-class women to keep their skin beautiful and ageless. 

OK - let us introduce you to our very own Greenbeauty rollers

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// Black Obsidian Face Roller

Ah, the jade roller. The OG of all beauty rollers. But, we at Green Beauty Market decided we needed to spice it up a little. Say goodbye to the jade roller and hello to the Black Obsidian Face Roller. OK, so other than looking really cool, what are the benefits? You might wanna sit down for this; it’s a long list. The roller can: aid lymphatic drainage, enhance the blood flow, increase the radiance of the skin, tighten the face, reduce puffiness, and aid the uptake of serums and moisturizers into the skin. Pretty good, right? So...how can we get this party started? Check out our Black Obsidian roller here and experience our roller.


// White Opal Face Roller

But wait, there’s more. We also have a lovely white opal face roller in our collection. The White Opal Face Roller has the same long list of benefits as the Black Obsidian one, HOWEVER, it does have a couple of extra perks. Say goodbye to the haters; White Opal is an extremely protective stone which wards of negative energy and bad vibes. Oh, and it also has the ability to help you send out your dreams and desires - way out into the universe. Think of it as a microphone for speaking things into existence.  Goodbye bad vibes, hello happiness. Take a peek and feel the benefits of White Opal.


// Gua Sha

You might not have heard about this guy, but trust us - you want to. Just like jade rollers, this facial massage stone originated in China. A staple in Chinese medicine, the Gua Sha is often described as a jade roller for advanced users. But honestly, it really isn’t that hard. The rounded edges on the Gua Sha ensure optimal lymphatic drainage and will make muscle tension a thing of the past. Other benefits include a more contoured and tightened face, less inflammation, and healthier-looking skin. What’s not to love? Take a look at our very own Black Obsidian Gua Sha tool and experience it yourself. 


We asked Angela Kuipers - Face-lift yoga & facefitness expert - what her clients experienced after attending a Gua Sha class. She told us: ‘People attending my classes report that their skin looks smoother, lifted and more relaxed after one session. And with frequent repetition, this can become part of your comprehensive skin routine.’


// Studded Face Roller aka Spikey

This guy is a little different than the two previous rollers. This golden studded face roller isn’t smooth and won't glide over your skin. But that’s the whole point. The non-invasive studs will prod your skin, stimulating your facial muscles and improving your circulation. Perfect for areas that need a little extra stimulation. Regular use of our little ‘Spikey’ will leave your skin positively glowing. Plus it will help to contour your face and smooth the complexion for firmer skin and more refined pores. Trust us, Spikey is going to change your life for the better.  


A high-quality facial roller can really take your skincare regime to the next level. So we hope you’re as excited about our new products as we are! The best part is - all of the rollers are great for your skin, so don’t worry about picking the wrong one. It isn’t possible. You can go for the Black Obsidian of White Opal Roller to reduce puffiness. Or you can try the Gua Sha, which can really aid the relief of muscle tension. Spikey, on the other hand, works best as a circulation booster. The only thing left to do is choose which one is best for you.  Let’s roll out people.