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Happy December 2020 Green Monsters! It's gonna be a special one, to say the least. This year made us realize more than ever, it's important to cherish the ones we love, and to let them know we do, as much as we can. By showing them, telling them, and maybe even... gifting them :) We've listed some of our best gift ideas to make things easy for you. 

My personal list of favourites

The most asked question I got in our Christmas pop-up store last year, was 'what are your personal favourites?', so here we go. I've lined them up for you, and hope you will love them too (trying to be humble here, 'cause TBH, I know you're gonna love them, haha!)

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My Gift Top 10

1 Black Obsidian Gua Sha
Black Obsidian Gua Sha This sure is the most efficient - and cute - skincare tool to achieve that wannahave post-facial glow. Besides, who doesn't love a good facial massage?!
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2 Br Organic Rosehip Oil (30 ml)
Br Organic Rosehip Oil (30 ml) Perfect in combo with the Gua Sha, or any other facial tool, this face oil is rich in natural vitamins and essential fatty acids, and suitable for all skintypes. The one that does it all.
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3 Green Cedar (50 ml)
Green Cedar (50 ml) Everyone has got their favorite, and this sure is mine. I love the fresh but woody scent.
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4 Solid Shampoo Volumize (86 gr)
Solid Shampoo Volumize (86 gr) I'm a big fan of our new brand Hibar. Their salon-quality, solid shampoos & conditioners are fun, easy, plastic-free, and curly girl method approved. This one is perfect for fine hair.
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5 Chalk Room Diffuser
Chalk Room Diffuser The perfect home fragrance, looking good and smelling good. Simply put the gorgeously etched chalk block on the brass plate, add some of the essential oil, and lean back to enjoy the scent of lavender and wild cliff grasses.
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6 Serene Body Wash Lavender & Marjoram (300 ml)
Serene Body Wash Lavender & Marjoram (300 ml) I just love a moment of calm in the morning. This Lavender & Marjoram Body Wash will get you into that zen mode really easy.
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7 Serene Body Oil Lavender Marjoram (100 ml)
Serene Body Oil Lavender Marjoram (100 ml) Can't help loving a perfect duo :) Needless to say this body oil matches the Lavender & Marjoram Body Wash perfectly. Next to that it eases your mind and amps up your skin game.
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8 Wild Pansy Tinted Lipbar - Dream
Wild Pansy Tinted Lipbar - Dream These tinted lip bars, only give a very subtle colour to your lips, it's mostly their nourishing & healing power, I love. Dream is my personal favorite.
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9 Incense Cones Lemon Balm (25 gr)
Incense Cones Lemon Balm (25 gr) You're not a big fan of incense? Neither am I. But this is something else. Really. And especially the Lemon Balm ones are da bomb.
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