The good gift guide 2021

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The most sustainable gift you can give, is a gift that is really wanted. Ask people what they need, what they love, what's on their wishlist. This might completely differ from yours, and you might even be surprised what comes up. Maybe it's a walk outside together with you, a pair of warm socks, a homemade christmas breakfast, or a relaxing selfcare gift. It doesn't have to cost much: babysitting your sister's newborn, so she can enjoy some me-time, might mean the world to her, and cost you nothing. For those of you still on the lookout for the perfect gift, we've listed the most amazing gift ideas, handpicked by me. 

My personal gift top 10

My friends always ask me what I think are the best gifts to give, so here's what's on top of my list and why. I definitely would love to see these under my Christmas tree. Oh, and that babysitter, yes please.

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G's Gift top 10

1 Black Obsidian Gua Sha
Black Obsidian Gua Sha This sure is the most efficient - and cute - skincare tool to achieve that wannahave post-facial glow. Besides, who doesn't love a good facial massage?!
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2 Cyan Nori (50 ml)
Cyan Nori (50 ml) I used to be all over Abel's Green Cedar - still am - but now I lost my heart to this amazing scent, inpsired by the ocean. A sweet, salty, unisexy fragrance. 100% Natural.
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3 Bl Nourish Lip Serum (5 ml)
Bl Nourish Lip Serum (5 ml) All Biologi fans - and there's a lot of them - are already with me on this one. Biologi is what your skin needs. Finding it hard to pick the right face serum as a gift? No worries, go for this nourishing lip serum instead. Suitable for all, and on top of everyone's wishlist, especially now, during winter.
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5 Circulating Body Oil Juniper Berry Ginger (100 ml)
Circulating Body Oil Juniper Berry Ginger (100 ml) This body oil leaves my entire body with a beautiful healthy glow. I love the warming energy of juniper berry & ginger essential oils, helping my body to restore and balance. Gift it to someone in desperate need for some ZEN time.
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6 Bladderwrack hand cleanser (500 ml)
Bladderwrack hand cleanser (500 ml) This is the best handwash ever, and the one item that upgrades every bathroom sink. In my opinion one of the best gifts for all (sustainable) beauty or interior lovers.
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7 Giftset - Dream Brow Bundle
Giftset - Dream Brow Bundle This Dream Brow Bundle contains everything one needs to fill-in, tint, tame, condition, and volumize their brows naturally: the transparant Aloe Lash & Brow mascara. the Almond Brow Pencil, and the Argan Brow Hero. My dream kit. Perfect for all brow colours.
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10 Complete Exfoliation Bundle
Complete Exfoliation Bundle You cannot go wrong with this one. Exfoliating needs to be part of everyone's skincare routine as it really helps to enhance a smoother, brighter, more radiant complexion. This exfoliant uses the power of kakadu plum and rice powder to achieve all this, and needs to be mixed with the Bc Cleanser, part of this skincare bundle too.
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