The #greenshelfie of Jewaria Gazaele Luu

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Time to get acquainted with Jewaria and what's on her bathroom shelf.

Full name: Jewaria Gazaele Luu
Lives in: Amsterdam 
Date of birth: 10th of March 1997
Occupation: Fulltime law student, mom, model, online creative 
Vegan/vegetarian/flexitarian?: Vegan, for almost 6 years *pats self on the back*

// Alright, Let’s get started🌟 How about you introduce yourself? 

Hi! My name is Jewaria, a native Amsterdammer, fulltime law student, vegan, and mommy. Oh, and I’m also a parttime model and online creative.

// So Jewaria, tell us - what is your secret beauty hack?

Using a serum/cream as a base, a little concealer, and red lippy can get you looking great in no time. I’m also the type of person who uses beauty products in ways that they aren’t necessarily supposed to be used in. Things like lipstick as a blusher, mascara as an eyebrow gel, and eyeshadow as eyeliner. (A little tip: wet your eyeliner brush beforehand to get a more intense colour) 

// What does your daily skincare routine look like? 

I take seriously good care of my skin; it’s my calling card after all. My PM routine is the most elaborate one. I start off with a natural cleanser to remove all of my makeup and to clean my skin. When I wear eye makeup or lipstick I tend to remove that first, with a cotton pad and an oil-based makeup remover. After cleansing my face, I use a brightening toner, and I spray on a little gold and platinum face mist. After that, I massage my face with a serum and apply a moisturizer. I also use a lash serum for my eyelashes. On days when I really want to indulge and feel like a queen, I use my facial roller. Last but not least, I hydrate my lips with a nice balm. 

//  Could you tell us some more about your fave products?

- I am a huge fan of all-purpose balm. I literally use it for everything. Lips, dry spots, cuticles, and sometimes even on my baby’s cheeks. 

- I have a few foundations that I use. For a light, casual look I usually use my all-natural Ere Perez foundation and concealer. On days when I need a little extra coverage and staying power, I use a Charlotte Tilbury foundation and concealer. It gives a flawless finish.  

- Red lipstick makes everything better (When applied correctly, that is. There’s nothing worse than messy lipstick!). I have about 20 lipsticks, all in different shades of red. My favourites are those by Fenty and Charlotte Tilbury. They have such amazing lasting power!  

// What are your must-have beauty items when you’re on the go? A.K.A Those good old products that can always be found in your purse. 

Lipbalm!!! The past couple of months I’ve become totally addicted to this lip oil by Aster & Bay. I don’t ever leave the house without it, or my Aesop hand cream for that matter. 

// Is there any advice you would like to give our Greenbeauty Community?

In the past couple of years, I’ve made the conscious decision to switch to cruelty-free and preferably, natural cosmetics. It’s incredibly easy to choose brands that don’t make animals suffer. Nowadays almost all the cool new brands are cruelty-free; cause who even does animal testing? That’s sooo 2000’.

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"The past couple of months I’ve become totally addicted to this lip oil by Aster & Bay. I don’t ever leave the house without it"
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