Our 7 summer essentials

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Summer is in full swing with lush cocktails and poolside photoshoots flooding our feeds. Is your tropical destination yet to come? LUCKY YOU. Whether you’re going on an adventurous European road trip, camping  with the kids or are taking some well-deserved me-time on an idyllic island: you haven’t truly finished packing, until you’ve tossed these 7 summer essentials into your suitcase. Deep tan and turquoise waters, here we come! 

1. Grums raw coffee body scrub

Behold: the ultimate secret to a smooth and even tan that will last for weeks. The key? Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate. Get rid of dead skin cells and make room for bright new ones with the organic Grums Raw Coffee Body Scrub. This environmentally friendly alternative to microbeads will transform your skin into a clean slate, ready to soak in every inch of sun. Let’s scrub the night away.

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2. Aromatica calendula soothing relief sheetmask

Commandment no. 1: soothe thy skin after a long day of sunbathing. Nothing dehydrates a person more than laying in the sun all day, sipping cocktails. Rehydrate your skin with this amazing relief mask by Aromatica. Drenched in calendula extract for a calming effect; sunburn won’t stand a chance. Each pack contains 5 sheet masks, the use of which isn’t confined to your hotel room. Daredevil? Whip one out in the plane and see what happens. 

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3. Madara SUN 20 weightless sun milk

One size fits all. Or in this case, one sunscreen fits all. No need to pack an array of SPF’s for the fam with the airy Madara sun milk. This invisible sunscreen with UVA/UVB protection, will keep you and your kids protected during those long days on the beach. No sun till there is some proper sunscreen on that body. Keep your skin safe and beautiful; tanning 101.   

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Beach bum at heart? Step it up a notch and give the Salt & Stone SPF 50 facestick a go. 

4. Manasi 7 all over color

Love to travel light? Get ready to meet your new favourite travel companion. Manasi 7's All Over Color takes up little to no extra space in your bag and can be used as a cheeky beach blush, as an eyeshadow or on your lips for an extra pop of colour. The ultimate multitasker, for a multitasker.  

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Manasi 7 all over colors

5. Ere Perez vanilla highlighter

Now that we’ve effortlessly scored that napped-on-the-beach flush, it’s time to show off that tan! Whether it’s light gold, deep brown or a little toasted; it’s yours and it deserves to shine. This subtle cream highlighter from Ere Perez is available in 2 shades: Sun Halo has a golden glowy finish and Falling Star has a silver undertone, and both will give your skin the ultimate sun kissed glow. Bonus: the star ingredient is vanilla, which is calming and relaxing for (sun) stressed skin. Total beach babe in 3,2,1….

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6. Sundays nail polish

Is there anything better than a fresh manicure glistening in the sun? Whether you want a pop of bright pink or a deep ocean blue - we've got you covered. Match your nails with your summer outfit with sundays nail polish. We've got over 26 different colours to choose from, so you'll always find the perfect hue to match your bikini or swimming trunks. Mani-pedi time!

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7. Ylumi Sleep well & wake up set 

Lush tropical destination on the agenda? We’d hate to see you waste the first few days due to that nasty little fella called jetlag. Kick jetlag to the curve with this Travelset by Ylumi. Combining Sleep and Energy capsules, Ylumi ensures you’ll be up and running in no time. Bye bye jetlag, hello beach.

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Ylumi travelset with 2+2 capsules to beat that jetlag

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