Let’s talk about the H-word: hyaluronic acid

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The H-word. Hyaluronic acid. You can’t so much as walk into a cosmetics store or read a beauty blog without bumping into this on-trend ingredient. But what is it exactly? And does this ingredient live up to the hype? Wonder no more - we’ve got you covered. We’ll walk you through everything. The what, why, and how. A hyaluronic expert is in the making! Yup. that’s you. 

OK, but what is it?

First things first, what the hell is hyaluronic acid? It sounds like something that you would want to steer clear of let alone put it on your skin but names can be deceiving. Hyaluronic acid is actually a naturally occurring substance found in human skin. Our skin produces hyaluronic acid to keep the moisture levels in our skin stable. It does so by drawing in moisture. Believe it or not: one gram of hyaluronic acid can hold about 6 litres of water. Whuuuuuttt. 

Little miracle worker 

Not only is hyaluronic acid able to absorb an insane amount of moisture, but it also retains in such a way that it doesn’t overload the skin cells - it just gives it the right dose of hydration. *instant BFF’s* However, when we get older or are exposed to pollutants, the production of Hyaluronic acid in the skin lessens and we see our skin become less bright, contain more fine lines, and generally just starts looking older. Wait, what no. That isn’t what we signed up for?
Hold your horses - here comes our little miracle substance to the rescue. In a bottle this time around. Products that contain hyaluronic acid have a plumping effect and can give your skin a boost when it needs it most - keeping it moisturized and getting rid of fine lines ASAP. The perfect moisturizer and anti-ageing agent; all in one. 

Always clean?

A strong water retentive acid. Well surely that must be clean beauty! Unfortunately, not always. Hyaluronic acid can actually be retrieved via a rooster’s comb. Yuk. You heard that right. 

Hyaluronic acid can actually be retrieved via a rooster’s comb. Yuk. You heard that right. 

Now for the good news: it can also be retrieved synthetically via diverse methods of fermentation - from corn to yeast. No animals harmed in the process, that’s more like it.

How to use it

Hyaluronic acid is a versatile and multi-faceted product which can be used in tons of different ways, in tons of different products. Serums, cream moisturisers, cleansers, facemasks, supplements, you name it!  Check out some of the products below and see which one fits best into your beauty regime. Cause you’re gonna want to incorporate it into your daily skin habits, one way or another. And yes, all clean and cruelty free.

Did you know that

From the inside out.

 Hyaluronic acid isn’t just topical. This beauty supplement by Ylumi will help get your skin glowing from the inside out. All with the help of this amazing little acid. 


Dab and go.

This amazing hyaluronic essence by Olivarrier is perfect when you’re on the go and need a little pick me up. Just dab it on and feel the benefits immediately. Added bonus: it also contains squalane, which ads a boost to the moisturizing properties of hyaluronic acid.


A little coverage and a lot of hydration.

When two worlds collide: magic happens. This organic CC cream from Madara has a light beige shade and not only corrects skin tone imperfections, but it also shields your skin against sun damage with an SPF15 and deeply hydrates due to its - you’ve guessed it - hyaluronic acid infusion.


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