Let's get to know Emma and what's on her topshelf.

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Full name: Emma Elisabeth Vloeimans
Lives in: Amsterdam
Date of birth: 15th of December 1990
Occupation: Digital Content Manager
Vegan/vegetarian/flexitarian?:  Flexitarian, I do eat fish and once in a while chicken

// Alright, Let’s get started🌟 How about you introduce yourself?

I’m Emma, 29 years old and I live in the city centre of Amsterdam with my boyfriend. I always had a soft spot for fashion - back in the days it was about the most colorful dresses, nowadays I prefer nude colours - and the last couple of years I got addicted to nice skincare. I am also sporty - now that the gyms are closed, I take a lot of walks and workout every day via Instagram Live. I would prefer to walk with a dog, but unfortunately I do not have one (yet).

// So Emma, tell us - what is your secret beauty hack?

I love makeup, but I think a good skincare base is just as important. If you have a nice base and your skin is radiant, you need less. And I do like that. Despite that, I can't live without concealer - blessed with dark skin around my eyes, haha.

// What does your daily skincare routine look like?

Fortunately, my skin is easy. In the morning and in the evening, I wash my face with a mild cleanser and pat it dry with a towel that I use only for my face. Then I start with a serum that I apply on my neck and face. If I have the time I do a small facial massage with a gua sha stone or facial roller.

Then I apply eye cream and day cream - which I mix (depending on how my skin looks) with a little bit of concealer. I let it sink in before applying blush and mascara and styling my eyebrows. After brushing my teeth I apply a lip serum, my favorite is from Biologi. It nourishes my lips and I only have to apply it once a day. I finish the routine with a small layer of sunscreen, which I dab on my face with my fingertips. I always apply SPF 50, even when the sun is not shining. 

In the evening I prefer to use a greasy cleanser that cleanses my face and removes make-up so that I don't have to "scrub" with cotton balls. At night I use the same eye cream and the same serum, along with a neutral vitamin E cream for my face and neck.

At the end of last year, I had a car accident that left me with a scar on my forehead. When it was stitched up, the sister recommended a vitamin E cream, as it seems to help heal and reduce scars. I immediately noticed that my skin reacted very well to this, so I still use it. Also ideal to prevent scars from pimples.


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// Could you tell us some more about your fave products?


Mádara is currently one of my favorite brands. All products are organic and contain only effective ingredients. One of my favorites is the Fake-it Tan for my legs. This product moisturizes and browns your legs without getting too flashy. I also really like the NOTO ORGANICS Deep Serum - it smells neutral and improves my skin in every way. I also use the new Charlotte Tilbury Magic Elixir serum, which produces amazing results after just a few days. Both serums are a good basis for practically everything: for a day or night cream and the necessary make-up.


Furthermore, I can't live without a gua sha stone or facial roller - especially when I've had a good night out and wake up with a puffy face. Nothing is better than a facial massage that stimulates blood flow and makes the puffiness disappear like snow in the sun. Once or twice a week I also do a face and hair mask. I like to use the Alder New York Brightening Mask for my face and Redken Extreme Mask for my hair.


In terms of makeup, I especially like some basics. I almost always wear a little concealer (not too much, because then it goes in the lines), black mascara, blush and I use an eyebrow pencil that is just a bit darker than my own color. In addition, I let them shape and color at a brow bar, but after a week or two the pencil comes in handy again.


 // What are your must-have beauty items when you’re on the go? A.K.A Those good old products that can always be found in your purse.


When I'm on the go, I always have the Cosmydor E / 1 Essential Care Vanilla and a multi-purpose balm like the Dr. Jackson Coconut Melt with me - both suitable for face and hands. I have fairly dry hands, so I always have something with me for the dry spots. The aforementioned lip serum from Biologi is invariably in my bag.


// Which of your products would you like to replace for a greener alternative?


I would prefer to use only palm oil-free products, but I’m not that far yet. I find it difficult to find an ingredient list whether something contains palm oil or not. There are so many names for it that it’s impossible to know for sure whether or not it’s there. If people who read this have tips, they are welcome.


// Is there any advice you would like to give our Greenbeauty Community?


 If your skincare routine and base is good, you need less makeup. So I would rather invest in a serum or a nice cream than a new eyeshadow palette. Skincare is long-term and also ensures that your face will look just as fabulous in five years.