Let's get to know Robbie and what's on his topshelf.

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Full name: Robbie ter Haak
Lives in: Amsterdam
Date of birth: 3th of December 1966
Occupation: Entrepreneur, and co-founder of Greenbeauty Market
Vegan/vegetarian/flexitarian?:  Vegetarian

// Alright, Let’s get started🌟 How about you introduce yourself?

Hi, I’m Robbie father of 2 beautiful daughters and a beauty addict. I live together with Karlijn and Tommie, he’s a 5 year young labradoodle. As long as I can remember I’ve had a soft spot for design and (beauty) products, everywhere I go I’m always on the lookout for new beauty products & brands.

// So Robbie, tell us - what is your secret beauty hack?

I believe being outside A LOT - and with the right sun protection - is the best thing you can do. It gives you a nice glow and makes you feel better all over.

// What does your daily skincare routine look like?

My daily routine is quite simple, I scrub my face 2x a week with the Grums Face Coffee Scrub or a combination of the Vitruvian Man Anti Pollution Cleanser&Toner with the Daily Concept Mini Face Scrubber. After cleansing I use the Wildcrafted Organics Wildflowers Rejuvenating Serum and the Everlasting Beauty Balm Concentrate (Wildcrafted Organics). 

My go-to (all natural!) perfume is from Abel: the Cobalt Amber is a light and unique unisex fragrance. I use a toxic-free toothpaste from Le Bon Rhythm is Love / Ylang Ylang Yuzu Mint, the best taste you’ve ever had! Natural deodorant from Salt & Stone, the new eucalyptus-pink grapefruit-bergamot is perfect. It was sold out in no time, but we're working on getting it restocked again. Of course:)



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// Could you tell us some more about your fave products?

I love the NOTO Agender Oil it doubles as a body oil and as a perfume. It's quite a heavy fragrance but after a while, it gets softer and softer... I use the Dr. Jackson’s Day Cream with SPF 30, so I don’t have to worry too much about sunscreen when I go outdoors. The Ere Perez Papaya Marmelade is perfect for on-the-go if your skin gets a little dry in winter, and it's the perfect aftersun balm in summer. 


// What are your must-have beauty items when you’re on the go? A.K.A Those good old products that you always bring along with you.

I don't leave the house without The Kind Planet Company's Power Balm I use this one for lips, hands, and dry spots. It's an amazing multi-purpose balm!


// Is there any advice you would like to give our Greenbeauty Community?

Keep it simple guys. Pick a couple of high quality products, either clean, natural or vegan, and work with them. Give your skin some time for getting used to new products. The fewer ingredients the better!