The #greenshelfie of Stefanie van der Meijden

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Let's get to know Stefanie and what's on her topshelf.

Full name: Stefanie van der Meijden
Lives in: Amsterdam 
Date of birth: 10th of April 1997
Occupation: PR Manager at Spice PR and Model
Vegan/vegetarian/flexitarian?: Vegetarian

// Alright, Let’s get started🌟 How about you introduce yourself? 

I am Stefanie, born and raised in Eindhoven. I’ve lived in both Paris and Rome for half a year before moving to Amsterdam. I started my studies Media Information & Communication but I’ve never finished those, as I participated in the TV competition ‘Curvy Super Model’, which kicked of my modelling carreer. I soon discovered modelling wasn't for me, and went into PR. I’ve been working for Spice PR for 2 years now, with Greenbeauty Market as one of my accounts 😊 

// So, tell us - what is your ultimate beauty hack?

I wear close to no makeup at all, but if I do, I love a good glow, keeping things as naturally looking as I possibly can. This comes down to me wearing my highlighter all over my face 😉 

For me, it’s definitely ‘skin first’, so I'm all into skincare. A good face cleansing is key – AM and PM – and be sure to always wear an SPF during the day!

// What does your daily skincare routine look like? 

Mornings: First I use a face cleanser, then a glow serum, a day cream, eye cream, ands SPF.

Evenings: First - again - my skin cleanser, followed by a BHA exfoliant, and the Aromatica Lively Sleeping Mask. This is a very lightweight mask I use every night before going to sleep. Count on the perfect morning glow.

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// Could you tell us some more about your fave products?


-  The Aromatica Lively Sleeping Mask, my every night favourite. 


The Binu Binu Seshin Scrub Towel. This is the best ever for your body, leaving it super soft and smooth! It’s inspired by the Korean bathhouse ritual. You use this textured towel to scrub your entire body. Bonus points: It’s made from 100% plant fiber.


- A facial roller. I personally love Spikey. It's the perfect tool to give your skin a quick workout and natural glow.


// What are your must-have beauty items when you’re on the go? A.K.A Those good old products that can always be found in your purse. 


Lipbalm and gloss. I recently got hooked to the Ere Perez Mango Lip Honey! Smells great and feels so nice and soothing.


// What product do you want us to add to your #greenshelfie?


The Biologi Organic Rosehip Oil. Although I have combination skin, it’s still good to prevent it from getting too dry. If your skin gets dryer, it reacts by producing more sebum and that might result in oily skin and blemishes.


// Is there any advice you would like to give our Greenbeauty Community?


Make the switch to Bio Cotton Make Up Remover Pads. You can wash them at 60 degrees and reuse them instead of tossing away all those single-use cotton pads every day.