Why you want your beauty products to be natural.

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Despite all make-believe stories about natural products not being as good as their synthetic counterparts, natural beauty is on the rise. There’s lots of strong indie brands (think Abel, Lush, NOTO, Haeckels, and many more) introducing high quality, all natural beauty products to the market. They all prove some serious formulas can be achieved without a single drop of artificial chemicals. Natural beauty is the way to go. Here’s why.

1. Our planet likes natural better.

Many synthetic ingredients aren’t biodegradable, meaning they’re gonna stick around on our planet forever, causing a huge burden to the environment. When asking Frances Shoemack – founder of 100% natural fragrance brand Abel - about her love for natural beauty, she told us: ‘I came from a very natural upbringing - my mum is a yoga teacher, I grew up on a farm in New Zealand and my previous life was in winemaking. For me, natural is a lifestyle choice. I wouldn't want to use artificial flavours in my pantry any more than I want artificial fragrances in my beauty shelves. At an environmental level, many synthetic ingredients aren't biodegradable, and so in the same way as micro-plastics, they build up in our environment (especially the ocean). They are also mostly made from petrochemicals - a non-renewable resource.

At a personal level, synthetic ingredients have been shown to build up in our bodies (and in the unborn fetus) and are linked with many health issues from skin irritation and asthma, to hormone imbalance and worse.” Bringing us to our next point.

2. What we put on our skin, ends up in our bloodstream.

Ingredients used in our beauty products, might get soaked up by our blood. Research on sunscreens for example (published by the US FDA in 2019) showed chemical active ingredients were absorbed through the skin and into the body. Beauty ingredients entering your body doens't have to be a bad thing, but those ingredients better be good, right? One more reason to opt for non-toxic, qualitative and natural beauty.

3. No nasties, no noise.

In other words, less is more. Traditional skincare products are packed with toxic ingredients including chemical activators, irritating fragrances, occlusive emulsifiers and unnecessary fillers. None of these ingredients make your product work any better, but they do reduce the efficacy of products and can also cause sensitised skin and irritation. Once you get rid of the noise, you're left with natural, active nutrients vital for your skin. A-beauty skincare brand Biologi is all about this less is more approach. The actives found in their skincare range are clean, effective and multifunctional, meaning they do the hard work, so you don’t have to. Every one of their products, is a 100% active, single plant extract. Nature at its best.

We've made you a little list and lined up our top picks when it comes down to 100% natural beauty. Enjoy! 

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