Why your skin needs coffee

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Coffee lovers pay attention. Did you know that the favourite part of your morning routine is not only great for a ‘new-day-here-I-come’ rush, it is also exceptionally good for your skin? Here are 5 reasons why you’ll soon be rubbing coffee just about anywhere. 

1. Keep (your skin) calm 

Opposed to its stimulating big brother in a cup, the grounds of coffee can have a calming effect on the body. Caffeine is mostly known for its Monday morning magic, but it actually has some pretty great anti-inflammatory abilities that help to keep the skin calm when applied topically. So, let’s skip the caffeine jitters and shakes that come with an espresso, and opt for the relaxing properties that occur when using coffee on your skin. Yes, please. 

2. Bye, bye cellulite 

Ah, cellulite, nature’s little dimples. Nothing wrong with having it, but sometimes we’d like our skin to be a little smoother. Luckily for us, there’s caffeine. Caffeine helps reduce cellulite by dilating blood vessels just below the skin. This improves blood flow and in turn decreases the appearance of cellulite. Smooth hips, butts, legs, everything. Nice.  

3. Exfoliate: the natural way

Get rid of dead skin cells and make room for new, healthier skin by exfoliating; the natural way. No abrasive chemicals or pollutant microbeads that do more harm than good. Coffee is the way to go. Its soft and fine grounds don’t dissolve in water, making it the perfect natural exfoliator that won’t mess up your skin. Champagne showers in the weekend, caffeine showers on the weekdays. 

4. A coffee a day keeps the…

Acne away. By stimulating blood flow, caffeine can help balance out the skin and aid in quicker regeneration. And, as it happens, coffee has similar PH levels as your skin. So whether your skin is too dry, too oily or anything in between  - coffee will balance out your skin without disturbing the natural order of things. Which is great, because acne is caused by skin being out of balance. (both oily and dry skin are spot prone!) 

5. Combat free radicals and get glowin

Your regular morning cup combats fatigue and its, commonly unused leftovers, can combat free radicals. How’s that for a win-win. Coffee contains an incredibly high dosage of antioxidants and when applied to your skin, it can reverse skin imperfections by targeting free radicals. Dark circles and lines are a thing from the past. Hell yea. Here’s to a glow like never before. 

Need we say more? Here are 6 coffee-infused favourites to shop today!  

The best of beans. 

Nothing beats the smell of fresh coffee in the morning, but sadly rubbing that coffee all over your face isn’t the best idea. Using this Grums Raw Coffee Body Scrub, 1-2 times a week, sure is though. Minimal effort required to give your skin a shine boost!


Welcome back, old friend.

Your old-fashioned soap bar: reinvented. The cold-pressed Artisanal Soap Coffee Bean Powder & Cardamom R/8 bar from Cosmydor is infused with Coffee seed powder, shea butter, cardamom and coconut oil. Simply moisten your soap bar and get that skin nourished and silky. 


Hands up for this one.

Pre-warning: once you’ve used this remarkable scrub, you (and your hands) will become lifelong addicts. The Raw Coffee Hand Scrub from Grums uses certified organic, recycled coffee grounds from drip-brewed coffee as an exfoliator. It leaves your hands hydrated, clean and, most importantly, super soft. 


Espresso martini. Uh, scrub.   

The moment you’ll be choosing this scrub over your cappuccino is around the corner. With the Grums Raw Espresso Face Scrub, you’re getting a new glow partner in crime. The soft and gentle espresso grounds are gentle on the skin and will have those dead skin cells gone in no time. Glowy skin here we come!


All eyes on you.


Are you a big-time avocado groupie? Then this is your chance to enjoy avocado in a new way. This eye serum uses cold-pressed avocado oil which contains the main reason the avocado has an unrivalled superfood status. An incredible amount of healthy fatty acids. Combined with cold-pressed Green Coffee Bean oil, this serum reduces puffiness and dark circles.


Sweet & Salty

Another body scrub we cannot get enough from is the Raw Cacao & Coffee Sugar Scrub from Sister & Co Skincare. Combining two all time favourites - Coffee & Cacao (obviously) - that target cellulite, stretch marks, psoriasis and so on, whilst nourishing your skin. Let’s get scrubbing.



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