Meet the woman behind Wildcrafted Organics

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What's not to love about Wildcrafted Organics? Made in Australia in small batches, handcrafted, packed with organic and wildcrafted botanicals, and founded by the amazing Nicole O'Sullivan. After studying Nutrition & Botanical Medicine she saw first hand the incredible healing power of plants while working as a Herbalist in Bondi. It was there that she was introduced to truly natural skincare and her love affair with Clean Beauty began. Let's get to know her a little bit better... 

Which 5 words describe you best?

Passionate, fun, dedicated, a little bit wild, dreamer

What should we know about Wildcrafted Organics?

Wildcrafted Organics is a culmination of my love and respect for the incredible healing power of plants and my desire in particular to give women a luxurious skincare range that is as addictive to use as it is nourishing, pure and potent. Wildcrafted Organics is all about nutritionally rich formulas concentrated with precious oils, bio active vitamins and organically certified or wildcrafted botanicals. No nasty chemicals such as parabens, phthalates, mineral oils or synthetic fragrances - EVER

What drove you to start this brand?

The Path that led me to creating Wildcrafted Organics started with my own skin problems which were exacerbated by using products that stripped my skin and were nutritionally void. The mainstream brands at that time (around 20 years ago) pushed harsh foaming cleansers, alcohol based toners, and petroleum based moisturisers and foundations. My skin was a mess and in my early twenties, living the life at Bondi Beach there were days when I didn’t even want to go outside. I didn’t have acne but I always seemed to have break outs and suffered a lot from overly sensitive skin. I started studying both Nutrition and Botanical Medicine and at the same time was introduced to natural skincare & cosmetics. My understanding of the nutrients our skin needs to be healthy and radiant grew as did my knowledge of the nasty, cheap, cancer causing ingredients we really needed to avoid. For the first time in my adult life my skin was now clear, healthy and radiant and what a difference that made to my confidence. When it came to mainstream big brand skincare I really felt we were being delivered one big fat lie and I felt compelled to teach and show women an alternative. Instead of making skincare as cheaply as possible to make a huge profit I set out to make a range that was created with ONLY the highest quality ingredients and was formulated to feed the skin.

It was so important to me that women loved everything about these products – the scent, the ritual and the results’

In terms of sustainability, what do you think Wildcrafted Organics would still need to improve?

I use the highest quality, 100% recyclable, utterly beautiful miron glass to package my precious formulations because nothing else compares. Miron Violet glass offers optimal protection from light degradation and improves the preservation of the precious botanical ingredients in this collection. There was no other choice for me. I encourage you to reuse these beautiful bottles and jars to store herbs, teas and spices or use as a vase. Within Australia I would like to work with a recycling company to ensure that consumers can drop of their used bottles and that they are collected and recycled or reused.

Tell us about your ‘Wildcrafted’ dreams for the future?

As a conscious and responsible brand I plan on partnering with charities that support women and children in developing countries. Of course there are some incredible new products in the very near future such as a BAKUCHIOL pro-collagen Age Less Beauty Serum and a WILD LIME AHA & BHA resurfacing Masque that showcases more of Australia’s potent wild botanicals. Stay tuned...

And now... your personal favourites?

ALL of them of course – and I mean that. They all perform a different job and work synergistically to give your skin the nutrients it needs. I use the Neroli Cleansing Oil most nights but especially when I am wearing make up as it is a complete cleanser and is so easy and such a pleasure to use. I use the Wild Berry as a Cleanser every other night leaving it on long enough to masque at least once a week. I will use the Native Hibiscus Active Enzyme Polish when I notice my pores are looking large and more often during the hot summer months. After Cleansing I always use the Wild Rose Botanical Mist to Hydrate the skin immediately before using the Wildflowers or Everlasting Beauty Balm and again after to facilitate absorption. I am madly in love with the scent of the Wildflowers Serum – Wild Cacao, Wild Jasmine and Neroli and will use this serum alternatively with the Everlasting Beauty Balm. In Winter I cannot live with out the Wild Rose Mist and Everlasting Beauty Balm.

Clear the fog on this one: what's the right order for application?

1. Neroli Cleansing Oil, 2. Wild Rose Botanical Mist, 3. Wildflowers and/or Everlasting Beauty Balm

Any top picks from other sustainable / green brands?

Living Nature – cosmetic range. 

Do you use an spf every day?

I use a dry mineral foundation which has an spf of approximately 15. I mix a small amount in my palm with the Everlasting Beauty Balm to create a luminous skin loving foundation.

Anything else you’d love to share with us?

It was so important to me that women loved everything about these products – the scent, the ritual and the results- a truly Addictive, totally effective range that made women fall in love with their skin.

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