Apple Wood Raw Incense (100 gr)

Haeckels Apple Wood Raw Incense (100 gr)

Wanna try something a little different? Switch up your incense sticks and cones for a new type of burn. Apple Wood Raw Incense by Haeckels will give your home a gorgeous earthy scent; All day long.
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Incences like you've never experienced them before. Apple Wood Raw Incense by Haeckels will give your home a gorgeous earthy scent; All day long. The apple leaf oil in this wood incense is also used in medicines and aromatherapy oils. All of which aim to calm and relax, giving you that deep gorgeous sleep you deserve. Combined with the Applewood aroma that is also used in the incense gives the perfect blend of woody notes and green undertones.


Breathe in, breathe out. Relax.

What's good
  • Clean This products meets our clean standards to the letter and does not contain any of the ingredients on our dirty list. Check out the list here.
  • 100% Natural This product solely contains natural ingredients.
  • Vegan This product does not contain any animal ingredients or animal-derived ingredients.
Hero Ingredients

Apple Leaf Oil & Applewood
both calm and relax - just what you needed after a long day at work.

Haeckels Apple Wood Ingredients: Green Apple – Fragrant Oils, Cedar of Lebanon

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How to use

Just so you know: Applewood doesn’t burn like old school incense sticks or cones. It needs to get really hot to ignite.


Once lit it can then be used in a similar way to a smudge stick. We recommend using a fire or matches (careful now) to light the wood. A regular lighter won’t the wood due to its low flame temperature. Time to heat things up.


So, put the wood in an open flame and gently blow to fuel the glowing embers. Then gently put the wood in the lid of the open tin or in a heatproof dish and place it in the heart of your home. This will allow the fragrance to travel throughout the entire space.


The wood will burn for 10 to 15 seconds. After that, the smoke will distribute to fill your space with the aroma. Nice.


The story of Haeckels is a truly amazing one. It was founded in 2012 by volunteer beach warden and coastal enthusiast Dom Bridges. Disillusioned by the production ethos of many larger skin care companies Dom wanted to create simple handcrafted products that showcased the surrounding coasts natural ingredients. During the early years of Haeckels, Dom would collect seaweed and local botanicals along the Margate coast in England and bring them back to his family kitchen to experiment. Let's take a moment to say thank you to his wife, who motivated him to take things to the next level and create the brand as we know it today. Not forgetting it's past, Haeckels still plays an active roll in the local community by organising beach cleans and taking part in marine conservation surveys. Their coastal license makes it possible for them to harvest their ocean vegetables direct from a Cretaceous chalk reef allowing them to design unique natural products of exceptional quality. Like we said, a truly amazing story.


Haeckels mostly uses amber glass and a minimum amount of plastic. Their candle glass can be re-used as tea glass,


One of their main focuses in 2019 is to make all of their packaging either compostable or recyclable. Their bio-designer, Jessica Gregory, is researching and creating new sustainable and compostable materials for Haeckels to house their products in. Haeckels recently launched a brand new material that their skincare and haircare sets and candles will be packaged in: Mycelium, which is grown from mushrooms and entirely compostable. In terms of our products that are currently house either in plastic, or with plastic elements, they will be moving them over to packaging made of woodchip and the plastic elements such as pumps will be fully recyclable. The seaweed bath will soon be housed in packaging that is fully recyclable. 


An A for effort. Really