Artisanal Soap Coffee Bean Powder & Cardemon R/8 - Body Scrub (100 gr)
Artisanal Soap Coffee Bean Powder & Cardemon R/8 - Body Scrub (100 gr)
Artisanal Soap Coffee Bean Powder & Cardemon R/8 - Body Scrub (100 gr)

Cosmydor Artisanal Soap Coffee Bean Powder & Cardemon R/8 - Body Scrub (100 gr)

An old fashioned bar of soap - but better. Handcrafted body scrub bar, with coffee bean powder & cardamom essential oil.

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An old fashioned bar of soap - but better. Handcrafted soap by Cosmydor is made via cold-processing. This naturally produces turns the coconut oils and shea butter into glycerine (7 to 8%) which, combined with the essential oils, make this soap great for your skin.

The R/8 bar of soap exfoliates your skin at the same time as it hydrates it. The purifying cardamom combined with the rough coffee bean powder will leave skin soft and nourished. Use on the body only.

What's good
  • Clean This products meets our clean standards to the letter and does not contain any of the ingredients on our dirty list. Check out the list here.
  • Organic This product contains certified organic ingredients, which are labeled with a * in the full ingredient list.
  • Vegan This product does not contain any animal ingredients or animal-derived ingredients.
Hero Ingredients

Shea butter
Known for its protective properties against skin dehydration.

Coconut oil
High in protective antioxidants and antibacterial fatty acids.

Cardamom essential oil
Known for its sweet, spicy and almost balsamic scent, cardamom is antiseptic and astringent and can therefore have a firming and toning effect on the skin.

Coffea arrabica seed powder (coffee seed powder)
It is a finely ground, beautiful tan and light brown speckled powder that provides medium abrasion when incorporated into exfoliating products. It is chemically neutral, and 100% biodegradable. Say bye bye to plastic microbeads.

Cosmydor Artisanal Soap Coffee / Cardemon R8 - Body Scrub Ingredients: Butyrospermum parkii butter (shea butter)*, aqua (water), cocos nucifera oil (coconut oil)*, sodium hydroxide, sesamum indicum seed oil (sesame seed oil)*, elettaria cardamomum seed oil (cardamom essential oil)*, coffea arabica seed powder (coffee seed powder)*, salvia sclarea oil (clary sage essential oil)*, citral, geraniol, limonene, linalool.

* Organic ingredient.

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How to use

In the shower or bath, or anywhere you can wash and rinse yourself, moisten the soap block and massage it onto wet skin in circular motions to create a lather. Avoid contact with your face - it's a little to harsh for there. For use on your body only.


Founded in 1877, Cosmydor specialised in the manufacture of premium soaps and eaux de toilette. It was hugely successful for almost a century thanks to the quality of its products, the originality of its fragrances and packaging. In 2015, a French entrepreneur rediscovered Cosmydor and was struck by its incredible aesthetic and original personality. They decided to bring it back to life with an exceptionally high-quality cosmetics in line made with the public’s new expectations for naturalness and authenticity in mind. Cosmydor now produces its cosmetics in a 100% artisanal manner, using 100% active natural components. All made in France to meet the strict “organic” requirements while minimising environmental impact.


Cosmydor has a strict "no-packaging" policy: no plastic containers, instead they use glass, opaline glass and aluminium. Cardboard packaging is reduced to a minimum as well.