Dual texture scrubber (1 st)

Daily Concepts Dual texture scrubber (1 st)

1 scrubber, 2 ways to use it. Use the dual textures and exfolliate. Happy scrubbing.

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Works great with:
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Get double the bang for your buck with this two texture scrubber. This gentle scrubber has two sides and two textures. One is slightly rough - great for an overall body scrub. The other one is delicate and most suitable for your face. Inside the scrubber, there's a soy-based foam to create a rich lather. Not sure when to say goodbye? This scrubber has a label sewed onto it with a text. Once it fades it’s time to replace your scrubber.

What's good

Daily Concepts is all about innovating everyday items. They develop bath products into luxury items with innovative design and technology, which allows you to prolong the lifespan of your bath and beauty tools. Personally, we absolutely love their cotton make-up remover pads! What a perfect alternative to one-time use pads. One step closer to being fully environmentally conscious.

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