Giftbox Scrub the Day Away
Giftbox Scrub the Day Away
Giftbox Scrub the Day Away

Greenbeauty Market Giftbox Scrub the Day Away

This box contains all to give your body a boost. Suitable for all skintypes.

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What better gift to give than silky smooth and soft skin? With the SCRUB THE DAY AWAY giftbox no dead skin cells will be left untouched. It features the Grums Raw Coffee Body Scrub and Espresso Face Scrub. These scrubs will energize your skin with a shot of caffeine and gently exfoliate it too. And when you're all scrubbed out? Hydrate and calm your skin with the Sister & Co Raw Coconut Oil. It's filled to the brim with vitamin E and lauric Acid - making it anti-inflammatory and ultra-soothing. Plus it's cold-pressed and organic. What's not to love? So spread the special joy of scrubbing with this SCRUB THE DAY AWAY giftbox. Let's get rid of those dead skin cells.

What's good
  • Organic This product contains certified organic ingredients, which are labeled with a * in the full ingredient list.

This box contains:


1 x Grums Raw Espresso Face Scrub 80 ml

1 x Grums Raw Coffee Body Scrub 200 ml

1 x Sister & Co. Raw Organic Coconut Oil 250 ml


For specific product ingredients, we refer to the individual product pages. 


Why, hi there. You probably already have a bit of an idea as to who we are from looking around our online marketplace. But we'd also like for you to know the story behind it all; so let us introduce ourselves. The founders of Greenbeauty Market, Robbie ter Haak and Geertje van Bavel knew their way around the beauty industry. Robbie was a co-owner of Kinki Kappers and Geertje had 10 years of experience as a brand director at L'Oreal. However, they always felt like there was more to beauty. In August of 2018 they decided to follow that feeling and create a marketing place. Curating all the best for both people and the planet. Greenbeauty Market stands for great quality products that people can use without feeling guilt toward the planet, or towards themselves. Let's cut the crap - no more toxins and as little waste as possible. And let's be honest - beauty feels so much more beautiful when you know the products are green.


For these giftboxes we've used carton boxes wrapped with a 100% recycled paper sleeve.

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