So Fresh 'n So Clean Hand Sanitiser (50 ml)
So Fresh 'n So Clean Hand Sanitiser (50 ml)

Verse So Fresh 'n So Clean Hand Sanitiser (50 ml)

Orange Blossom Hand Sanitiser spray, perfect for cleaning your hands everywhere you go #covid19

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This hand cleanser comes in a fine mist spray, and is filled with natural ingredients, whilst killing all bacteria and virus. It's lightly scented with orange blossom for the smell of the Amalfi Coast to refresh your cleansing moment.


This hand sanitizer is the result of a collaboration of two brands we love: Verse, home to our Greenbeauty Market shop-in-shop in Amsterdam, and home fragrance label The Very Good Candle Company. The latter knows how to blend the perfect scent, so be warned when we say this fragrance will make you wanna sniff your hands all day long.

What's good
  • Vegan This product does not contain any animal ingredients or animal-derived ingredients.

Denaturated Ethly Alcohol ( 96%), vegetable glycerine, natural vitamin e, anti bacterial, essential oils and purified water.

How to use

Just spray one or two times across hands and enjoy the delicious scent whilst cleaning your hands.


Greenbeauty Market's second shop-in-shop is located at Verse Good Store in The Netherlands, in Amsterdam, de Pijp. Verse is a universal platform driven by social, environmental and intersectional sustainability. Their mission is to offer a highly curated choice in good fashion to offer the alternative to fast fashion and to bigger brands who product unsustainably.


Every little counts. As style lovers first and foremost they believe that style and substance go hand in hand. Consumers should be able to rock fashion that reflects their true values. and at Verse, they are constantly challenging the status quo to discover and re discover ways to make our wardrobes and lifestyles more sustainable.


This hand sanitizer is wrapped in an amber glass bottle with spray nozzle.

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